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From now on I’m gonna try to update ALMOST every day an easy recipe for you to try.

Today we’ve got the best breakfast you can ask for.

For the yogurt, just follow one of this recipe:

Raw milk yogurt (do not forget to filter the milk after you heat it -they forgot this step!)

Homemade yogurt (same as above…)

Greek Yogurt

For the topping  add your own personal taste to it! I just chopped some nuts & white chocolate

bar (not all af it… !) and put some crunched rice crackers in a pan where I previously made

some caramel, so that the rice crackers were sweet and crunchy.

Here a caramel recipe that would work just fine  (as for the yogurt, you’ve got to practice a bit.

It took me at least 3 burnt pan till I finally made it):


Let me know how it turned out and post your pictures!

Tips: What about a puffed rice, raspberries and white belgian chocolate as a variation? YUM!



Fresh homemade breakfast

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