Drunken Cocoa Muffins

Yes, I know, all those fancy purposes to update on a daily basis vanished in just one week. But that doesn’t mean that after my last failure I didn’t bake a thing, I swear.

Today my accomplishment will be to post at least 3 of my last recipes just to keep up with my good old blogging goals.

First recipe of the day: Drunken Cocoa  Muffins!

Those were actually a pure academic exercise, I just poured all the ingredients in my mix bowl and put everything straight in the oven ‘cause the dinner was ready and my guests were waiting for desserts but I’ll do my best to explain how to  get everything right.

Mix flour, raw sugar and baking powder in a bowl while you’ll let the butter and milk chocolate bar melt on low heat.
Add it to the powder mixture and start to stir, adding all the other ingredients one by one. Keep the milk as the last thing and pours it slowly so you can actually feel when your mixture is ready, it should be neither too creamy nor too stiff (hope it makes sense).
Grease your muffin pans and fill them for 3/4.
Pre-heat your oven to 180° and bake them for 20 minutes or until your toothpick inserted in the center of the muffn will come out clean.
Whip the cream, add some red coloring in it, splash it on your muffin and HURRY UP GRABBING ONE!
I didn’t even had the time to snap a cool picture of them ‘cause everyone was craving for the second round.



Tips: Fill your pans halfway, put two chocolate squares and put the other mixture on top of them. Creamy filled goddess…

Diary of a failure: Marshmallows

The other night my sugar cravings led me to the making of some marsmallows. Well, I’ve got to admit that without the right equipment with this kind of peculiar process you’ll go nowhere but fail land.
And that’s what happened to me, I followed the instructions thoroughly but didn’t have a cooking termometer and I thought that only with my magic glance I could feel when the sugar reached the right temperature: DEAD WRONG.
They tasted like marshmallow (sure, it’s 99% sugar, you can go no wrong with this at least) but they were way too soft and sticky.

Too Bad for what it took to made them but now I know that if I wanna spend 4 hours of my life making something, at least I’ve got to have what it takes for the best results.

So just enjoy the view!

The recipe I followed: http://smittenkitchen.com/2009/06/springy-fluffy-marshmallows/



Soft fruits Muffins

Nothing says autumn more than a bunch of soft fruits muffins, a cup of hot tea, an old tartan blanket and some good music/movies so why don’t you cuddle yourself in the best way?

Those are super easy to do, just mix flour, sugar, baking powder and a pinch of salt.  Beat the eggs, oil, plain yogurt and milk;  blend in the flour compound, Put it in the soft fruit and gently mix with a wooden spoon, fill your muffin stamps for 3/4 and put them in a preheated oven (175°) for about 20 minutes (or until they’ll be golden brown). Let them cool off and… EAT ‘EM UP!



Tips: Even if we liked them a lot, do not put too many soft fruits because the water released during the baking process will make the muffin fall apart.

Matcha Cookies

I’ve got to admit it, with Matcha powder it was love at first sight.

I’m pretty obsessed with tea, especially all those japanese and chinese variety,

so when I found out I even had the chance to use some tea powder to make

cookies  I was pleasantly surprised.

Here the recipes ( which seems to be te best one) I used but, actually,

I’m going to try once again with less sugar and butter.

They tasted delicious, btw.

Matcha Green Tea Cookies

I drown them in some hot White Chinese Tea with a teaspoon of orange blossom honey.

So bake hard… or stress yourself out trying !




From now on I’m gonna try to update ALMOST every day an easy recipe for you to try.

Today we’ve got the best breakfast you can ask for.

For the yogurt, just follow one of this recipe:

Raw milk yogurt (do not forget to filter the milk after you heat it -they forgot this step!)

Homemade yogurt (same as above…)

Greek Yogurt

For the topping  add your own personal taste to it! I just chopped some nuts & white chocolate

bar (not all af it… !) and put some crunched rice crackers in a pan where I previously made

some caramel, so that the rice crackers were sweet and crunchy.

Here a caramel recipe that would work just fine  (as for the yogurt, you’ve got to practice a bit.

It took me at least 3 burnt pan till I finally made it):


Let me know how it turned out and post your pictures!

Tips: What about a puffed rice, raspberries and white belgian chocolate as a variation? YUM!



Fresh homemade breakfast

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